At a race a couple of years ago, we came across a couple of girls who sell really great women's running apparel. We love their philosophy:

"Our goal at Runalicious is to help women show the world around them that they are as passionate and proud about running as we are. Runalicious apparel is casual, stylish, and yes, a bit flaunting."

As well, great insight on why we run:

"... we run to stay healthy

...we run to stay fit

...we run for vanity

...we run to prove that we can

...we run to show our children that we are strong and goal oriented

...we run to eat whatever we want

...we run to drink whatever we want

...we run for our mental health

...but most of all we run for ourselves and we're proud of every mile we leave behind us."

The Runalicious gals will be at the Butter Trail Run this year. Check out their website here and see them on race day. Perhaps a great gift for the running gal in your life!