Sustainability Commitment of the Butter Trail Run

Our participants tell us that being responsible to our environment is important to them. We continue this year to enhance our sustainability efforts and do our part to help out where we can.

Here is what you will see at the Butter Trail Run:

► Online registration. By offering online registration, we reduce paper waste as we do not mail out registration forms.
► Non-paper communication. At least 80% of all marketing and communication is done through email, social media or website updates. The paper communication we do use uses earth-friendly "green" inks and toners and 100% recycled paper from a local environmentally responsible printing company.
►Recycling from start to finish. Thanks to every one's efforts, the Butter Trail was left in pristine condition last year. This year, we strive to reach this same level of cleanliness. There will be recycling bins and municipal green bins at the North Shore Recreation Centre. We will recycle cardboard, paper, plastic and other materials. Water cups at water stations are approved for municipal green bins.
►Eco-friendly portable toilets. The port-o-potties at the event are earth friendly. That means no formaldehyde, chlorine or other toxic chemicals. Even the hand soap and paper are toxin-free and biodegradable.
►Race signage. All signage is reused each year.
►Eco-boost powered lead vehicles. Our Tri-County Ford sponsored lead vehicles are present to ensure the race is progressing safely and smoothly. Recycled pop bottles and denim jeans are used in construction, and better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions are just part of the technology.

Butter Trail Run 2015

The winds of change are blowing on the Butter Trail in Tatamagouche. 

The change will bring new leadership at this year's event and new energy while keeping the same exciting atmosphere and stunning running routes. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Butter Trail Run, and please continue to support this fun community event in years to come. 

Same time, same place for this year’s event: Sunday, September 6th, leaving from the North Shore Rec Centre. 

Register today. Just head on over here and reserve your spot at the greatest race on Nova Scotia's North Shore!

It’s Better on the Butter Trail!